Financial Management Theory and Practice 13th Edition By Eugene F. Brigham

Financial Management Theory and Practice 13th Edition By Eugene F. Brigham

Authors: Eugene F. Brigham, Michael C. Ehrhardt
Genre: Business and Finance
Type: PDF
Release: March 3, 2010.
Language: English
Pages: 1187 (in PDF), Size: 193 MB

As its title indicates, Financial Management Theory and Practice 13th Edition PDF combines theory and practical applications. An understanding of finance theory is absolutely essential for anyone developing and/or implementing effective financial strategies. But theory alone isn’t sufficient, so this book provides numeorus examples in the book. The book begins with fundamental concepts, including background on the economic and financial environment, financial statements (with an emphasis on cash flows), the time value of money, bond valuation, risk analysis, and stock valuation.

Financial Management Theory and Practice pdf is designed primarily for use in the introductory MBA finance course and as a reference text in follow-on case courses and after graduation. There is enough material for two terms. especially if the book is supplemented with cases  and/or selcted readings. The book can also be used as an undergraduate introductory text with exceptionally good students, or where the introductory course is taught over two terms.

In this, 13th, edition hundreds of small changes have been made to keep the text up-to-date, with particular emphasis on updating the real world examples and including the latest changes in the financial environment and financial theory. In addition , there are number of larger changes. Some affect all chapters, some involve reorganizing sections among chapters, and some modify material covered within specific chapters. Many chapters have now “Global Economic Crisis” boxes that focus on particulary important issues related to crisis.

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